Specialists in Technical Business Development Asset and Configuration Management Asset management in a “Live” envronment requires a totally different framework, by comparison to, for example, IT asset management, which is often regarded as a very well developed asset management environment. Computers don’t grow and reproduce, PCs do not develop into servers by feeding them nutrients. This additional dimension in asset management is needed for advanced farming systems, especially in domains where Medical Control Councils or Administrations require strict asset management throughout the seed to plant to derrived product life cycle. To meet this, and other license and control requirements of authorities as well as the requirements set by us for well defined business processes and a supporting business process enabler platform we engaged Qmuzik as a strategic partner. Qmuzik Technologies has extensive experience and expertise in the aerospace, defence and commercial sites in implementing Qmuzik Enterprise (ERP) and other software solutions. The flexible platfor is capable of supporting the unique requirement of strictly controlled Configuration Management and Asset Tracking in “Live” environments. Quality Assurance (QA) The South African Medical Control Counsil (MCC) medical Canabis farming license authority is young but extremely sophisticated. The license requirements states ISO 9001 as a prerequisite. Our team has extensive experience in quality assurance starting with being part of top management in the first company who was awarded ISO 9001 certification in South Africa to being responsible for Quality Assurance in large corporates. Advanced farming requires tightly controlled processes executed by a workforce of over 1,000 workers. This operational activity is augmented by strict process monitoring and laborotary assisted quality management to achieve high levels of product quality, production and avoid contamination of any kind in the envoronment. This is where our extensive experience in practicing Fanatical Quality Assurance comes into play. Project Management and Systems Engineering Planning, Executing and Controlling large projects using formalised project management techniques is a no brainer and need no further discussion. Many of our senior staff were taught System Engineering as an Engineering Discipline according to the US developed methodologies, which matured on the F-16 Fighting Falcon development programme and was encapsulated in MIL STD 499A. These later evolved into ISO/IEC standards. This is a way of life in Greenpro and we insist that our partners follow the same principles.
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