Specialists in more than Energy Systems Greenpro Technologies developed from our core energy systems competence which specialises in the design and construction of Solar (Photovoltaic or PV) Systems, Battery and Generator backup systems and delivering Energy saving where our experience totals several megawatt of system design and construction. This core competence expanded to several associated technologies to include energy efficient water treatment, and advanced Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) systems. Electro-chemical water treatment (ECWT) Water treatment by means of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems are seldom an energy efficient solution so we focus on electro-chemical water treatment (ECWT) using various methods such as: Electro-coagulation Electro-oxidation Electro-reduction Electro-flotation Electro-aeration Electro-winning Electro-dissolution Our corrosion protection systems utilises impressed current galvanic protection where galvanic cells in controlled environments utilises mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes to protect systems from corroding. These platinum group metal oxides lasts well in excess of 20 years if they are controlled correctly. Advanced Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) systems. Our Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) systems specifically focus on advanced vertical farming with our unique Hydroclimaponics which is a new proprietary vertical farming technology and method that has the potential to change the way in which a broad range of produce is grown. Imagine being able to produce a broad range of produce in a controlled environment in high density that out performs any other form of farming in terms of yield and nutritional value and is herbicide and pesticide free. Also imagine being able to place these strategically so that they are close to the markets in places previously not possible. The short period in which it can be deployed makes this an unique extension of hydropinics that has major advantages for large projects. Hydroclimaponics introduces vertical growth pipes, surfactants and the nutrients that we use. Surfactants lower the surface tension between the water and the air, and between the water and the piping. This requires our Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) expertise to design structures suitable for each application. This is one area where the power of our associates business model proves to be of major benefit.
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