Energy focussed Business Systems Greenpro’s history of approaching renewable energy generation as a means to establish a sustainable power supply that meets the business needs, has lead us to engage with customers on a much broader basis. This naturally lead us to establish Greenpro Associates as an engineering network of Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical, Civil and Agricultural experts that can provide turnkey solutions to businesses who want a mitigate their risk against a deteriorating power supply with unsustainable cost increases. Our service offering expanded from integrated solar power, backup and generation systems to include corrosion protection, water treatment, and advanced agricultural systems. Our core Greenpro Technologies Division focus on renewable energy, energy efficient water treatment and advanced Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) systems. Greenpro Associates adds Project management, Quality assurance, Asset tracking and Change management to these technical skills to offer a turnkey business opportunity development service to customers. We engage at the business model development level and manage the opportunity through to an operational environment with installed processes and systems to run a successful business.
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